Handwoven Patterned Baskets for Storage in Red - Set of Four | KalaGhar

Our baskets are hand woven with utmost care using locally-sourced natural fibres - date palm leaf and sabai grass.

Each set has four baskets with dimensions in inches:

1. 5*5 (Base*Height)
2. 8*7 (Base*Height)
3. 9.5*7.5*5 (Base*Height)
4. 7.5*5*4 (Base*Height)

The baskets are handcrafted by a cooperative of master women artisans in the remote villages of Odisha, India. They are sustainable and eco-friendly. Also, they are a beautiful decorative to sort and organise your laundry clothes, newspapers, magazines, bathroom accessories and similar items in your home.

Clean with a dry or damp cloth for maintenance purposes.
Estimated delivery time: 7-8 days

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