Our Origin STORY

Our founders Shipra and Megha are two sisters with passion for design and impact.
They have a study background in social sector and management. Being associated
with different NGOs and social enterprises earlier, the idea of being a part of social
change had always inspired them. But they truly grew passionate about the cause of
providing dignified livelihoods to rural women when they started working on the
ground level, stayed with the rural artisans, and got to see their challenges up-close.

They are originally based out of Odisha, India. The women artisans in these regions
skilled in craft weaving processes and have a strong need for livelihood opportunities.
Upon understanding the problems at the grassroot level, they worked towards building a
venture which could cater to the needs of the artisans as well as create value for the customers.

At KalaGhar, our purpose is to create dignified livelihoods at the bottom of pyramid
while serving our customers with eco-friendly, well-designed and quality products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an ecosystem, where rural women artisans of India have better social and economic standing within their families and communities resulting in dignified livelihoods, improved skills and knowledge about market preferences.


Starting our journey from a small village in Odisha’s Balasore district with
six artisans in 2016, we are not only creating employment opportunities for
rural women artisans, but also reviving handicrafts in Odisha.

Our aim is to improve the financial standing of the sabai artisans in Mayurbhanj
district of Odisha, India, which homes 45 tribal communities. We not only help
the artisans develop the products, but also assist them to understand design
and trends. Also, we try to complement their skills and art of embellishment by
adding new freshness to the art through training.

Living up to our mission statement we have empowered over 200 rural women aged
between 19 and 50 years. Now, these women earn Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000 per day.
From creating urban tastes and preferences and at the same time retaining the
Indian art form’s history and legacy, we work with various grass-roots level artists,
NGOs and self-help groups and assist them in understanding minimalistic and
contemporary designs.

Our products are not only a medium to provide livelihoods to women artisans, but
also are sustainable and eco-friendly. The major raw material used in our products are natural fibers, which are entirely bio-degradable. Thus, we create rich spectrum of products that meet the needs of urban audience.

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