About Products:

Q. Does your organization work directly with artisans?
A. Yes, we are working with more than 60 women artisans in Odisha. Also, we do bank transfer directly to their accounts. 

Q. Are your products water resistant?
A. If some water gets sprinkled then it is not an issue, you can simply wipe off with a cloth and dry it. However, we do not advise to keep constantly exposed to water.

Q. How to keep the products maintained?
A. Wipe off with a damp/dry cloth as per requirement. 

Q. Are the placemats heat-resistant?
A. they are suitable for keeping hot serving plates. However, we do not advise to keep scorching hot utensils which are made up of grass.

Q. How much weight can the storage baskets carry?
A. The weight capacity would vary with size of baskets. The storage baskets are highly sturdy, weight wouldn't be an issue for normal usage.

Q. What is your Refund/Exchange policy?
A. Return/Exchange is applicable for all kinds of product. If you receive a product which got damaged in transit or a wrong one from the one you had ordered, we will return/exchange them. Visit our page for further details. 

Q. Can the products be customized?
A. Yes, we customise products for orders with more than 5pcs/SKU.