Unveiling Hand Woven Products for Wholesalers at Indian Handicraft and Trade Fairs

Unveiling Hand Woven Products for Wholesalers at Indian Handicraft and Trade Fairs

The IHGF Delhi Fair, organised by the Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH), is a significant trade fair that plays a crucial role in showcasing and promoting India's rich heritage and diversity of handicrafts.

Here's a breakdown of the relevance, and the types of products featured at this trade fair:



The IHGF Delhi Fair stands for the "Indian Handicrafts and Gifts Fair" held in Delhi, India. It is a major platform where manufacturers and exporters of various handicraft products gather to exhibit their creations. The fair focuses on home decor, lifestyle products, fashion accessories, furnishings, and furniture, representing the diverse and culturally rich traditions of Indian craftsmanship.

The IHGF Delhi Fair holds immense significance as a beacon of cultural representation, showcasing the integrity, style, and beauty of Indian culture through its exquisite handicrafts. These handcrafted creations carry a history as ancient and diverse as the country itself, becoming a visual narrative of India's rich heritage.

Beyond serving as a cultural showcase, the fair plays a pivotal role in garnering global recognition for Indian Handicrafts, which have been revered worldwide for centuries. By providing a global platform, the fair enables artisans and manufacturers to exhibit their products, attracting international buyers and fostering valuable export opportunities.

Moreover, the IHGF Delhi Fair acts as a dynamic hub for business networking, bringing together retailers, importers, wholesalers, and design professionals. This collaborative environment serves as a fertile ground for forging partnerships, facilitating business collaborations, and creating networking opportunities within the handicraft industry.

With over 3000 manufacturers and exporters participating, the fair becomes a hotbed of innovation and design. It serves as a catalyst for showcasing new product expressions and design developments, thus fostering a culture of continuous creativity within the handicraft sector.

In addition to its cultural and creative dimensions, the IHGF Delhi Fair holds practical importance as a market access point. Serving as a one-stop sourcing destination, the fair provides buyers with access to a comprehensive collection of products spanning various categories.

This streamlined procurement process proves invaluable for retailers and importers seeking a diverse array of high-quality handicrafts, home decor, lifestyle products, fashion accessories, furnishings, and furniture.

In essence, the IHGF Delhi Fair stands as a multifaceted platform that not only celebrates India's artistic legacy but also propels its handicraft industry onto the global stage, fostering connections, creativity, and commerce.

The fair covers a wide range of products across different categories:

  1. Home Decor: Handcrafted items for home adornment, including decorative pieces, wall hangings, and artefacts. Local Artisans are much favoured as this has something that reflects India’s handicrafts industry.
  1. Lifestyle Products: Artisanal products that enhance daily living, such as accessories, personal care items, and unique lifestyle goods.
  1. Fashion Accessories: Handmade jewellery, textiles, and other fashion-related items that showcase traditional craftsmanship.
  1. Furnishing: Products related to interior decoration, such as handwoven textiles, carpets, and other furnishings.
  1. Furniture: Handcrafted furniture reflecting traditional design and skilled craftsmanship.

Overall, the IHGF Delhi Fair contributes significantly to the promotion and sustenance of India's handicraft industry by providing a platform for showcasing products, fostering business relationships, and facilitating the exchange of cultural and artistic ideas on a global scale.


What we at Kalaghar, represents in Indian Trade Fair

Natural Fibre Basketry that are naturally sourced, hand braided and made by local artisans. Our work empowers 200+ rural women artisans from the extreme rural villages of India. This fair gives us opportunity to showcase to wide range of buys across the global market. The fair has been phenomenal in keeping promoting the Indian artistic brilliance .  

As the description will give you the Idea what Kalaghar is actually about. We have Handwoven products that are ready for the consumers.

Handwoven Wall Basket 

Dive into the rich tapestry of tradition and craftsmanship with our stunning Handwoven Wall Baskets, meticulously crafted with locally-sourced natural fibres - the timeless date palm leaf and resilient sabai grass. As we celebrate our 1-year milestone, we're thrilled to unveil these artful creations that seamlessly blend heritage and contemporary design.

Our Handwoven Wall Baskets stand as a testament to the skilled hands that bring them to life, weaving together stories of culture and community. Each basket is a unique masterpiece, a harmonious marriage of vibrant colours and intricate patterns that reflect the essence of India's diverse artistic heritage.

Explore a kaleidoscope of designs that cater to every aesthetic taste. The Multi-coloured Set bursts with energy, embodying the vivid spirit of Indian festivals. The Sunburst Design radiates warmth, casting a golden glow that transforms any space into a sanctuary of style. The Hourglass Design gracefully captures the passage of time, while the Spiral Woven Design and Coiled Design showcase the fluidity of artistry, turning walls into canvases of creativity.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these handwoven treasures echo sustainability and ethical sourcing. By choosing our Handwoven Wall Baskets, you not only adorn your surroundings with elegance but also contribute to the support of local artisans and the preservation of age-old crafting techniques.

Embrace the artistry of our Handwoven Wall Baskets – where culture meets contemporary and every thread tells a story.


Handwoven Planters

our exquisite Hand Woven Planters, hand-braided with care using locally-sourced natural fibres – the resilient date palm leaf and the versatile sabai grass. Celebrating our 1-year journey, we are delighted to unveil these stunning planters that seamlessly fuse functionality with traditional craftsmanship.

Our Handwoven Planters are more than just vessels for your green companions; they are reflections of a commitment to sustainability, showcasing the beauty that emerges when eco-friendliness meets aesthetic innovation. Each planter is a testament to the skilled hands that intricately weave together date palm leaf and sabai grass, resulting in a harmonious blend of nature and craftsmanship.

Discover a range of designs that elevate the greenery in your life. The Multi-coloured Set adds a burst of joy to your indoor garden, while the Bloom Box is a celebration of nature's vibrancy in a compact form. The Eco-Eden planter embodies the spirit of sustainable living, encouraging a harmonious coexistence with nature. The Earthly Design brings the essence of the outdoors inside, with dotted colourful lines running across the planter, creating a mesmerising pattern.

These handwoven treasures go beyond mere functionality – they are a statement of your commitment to environmental consciousness. By choosing our Handwoven Planters, you contribute to the preservation of traditional crafting techniques and support local artisans, making each planter a symbol of ethical living.

Embrace the green revolution with our Handwoven Planters – where every planter tells a story of tradition, sustainability, and the vibrant colours of life.


Handwoven Storage Baskets

Introducing a touch of rustic elegance to your living spaces – our Hand Woven Storage Baskets, meticulously hand-braided with care using locally-sourced natural fibres, specifically date palm leaf and sabai grass.

As we mark our 1-year anniversary, we are thrilled to present these artisanal wonders that seamlessly merge functionality with the charm of traditional craftsmanship.

Elevate your organisation game with a collection that boasts not only practicality but also a commitment to sustainability. Our Hand Woven Storage Baskets are a testament to the skilled hands that weave together the robust date palm leaf and the flexible sabai grass, resulting in storage solutions that are as eco-conscious as they are beautiful.

Discover a diverse array of designs to suit your organisational needs. The Rectangular Shape offers a sleek and modern storage solution, while the Roti Baskets add a touch of tradition to your kitchen. Opt for the Large Round Patterned Baskets to make a bold statement or choose Medium, Cylindrical Baskets for versatile storage in any room.

These handwoven marvels are not just storage baskets; they are a celebration of heritage and a commitment to sustainable living. By choosing our Hand Woven Storage Baskets, you not only declutter your spaces but also contribute to the preservation of traditional crafting techniques and support local artisans.

Embrace the beauty of organised living with our Hand Woven Storage Baskets – where tradition meets modernity, and every basket tells a story of craftsmanship and eco-conscious living.


Handwoven Placemats

Transform your dining table into a canvas of tradition and sophistication with our exquisite Handwoven Placemats, crafted with precision using locally-sourced natural fibers - the resilient date palm leaf and the versatile sabai grass.

As we celebrate our 1-year journey, we are delighted to introduce these culinary companions that seamlessly blend the timeless charm of handcrafting with contemporary design.

Our Handwoven Placemats aren't just functional additions to your table setting; they are expressions of artistry and a commitment to sustainable living. Meticulously hand-braided, each placemat reflects the dedication of skilled artisans who weave together the natural fibres, resulting in pieces that exude warmth and authenticity.

Explore a diverse palette of designs that cater to every taste. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of the Decorative collection, the rich allure of Maroon, the delicate charm of Pink, or the simplicity of Natural colours, our placemats are designed to complement any dining aesthetic.

Not just visually appealing, these placemats also boast practicality. Easy to clean and durable, they offer a perfect blend of form and function. Plus, it ensures longevity without compromising style.

Embrace the art of dining with our Handwoven Placemats – where every meal becomes a celebration of craftsmanship, sustainability, and the vibrant colours of India.



As we prepare to make our presence known at the Indian Handicraft and Gift Fair (IHGF) in Delhi for the upcoming event, Kalaghar stands ready to showcase a curated collection of handwoven products that encapsulate the essence of Indian craftsmanship and tradition. The IHGF Delhi Fair is not merely an exhibition; it is a cultural convergence, a marketplace for creativity, and a platform where the past and the present intertwine.

For us at Kalaghar, participating in this trade fair is not just about presenting Handwoven Wall Baskets, Planters, Storage Baskets, and Placemats; it's an opportunity to share the stories woven into each product.

It's a chance to celebrate the tireless efforts of local artisans, the sustainable practices ingrained in our craftsmanship, and the beauty of preserving age-old techniques.

The IHGF Delhi Fair serves as a meeting point for wholesalers, manufacturers, designers, national level artists and decor enthusiasts who understand the value of authentic, handcrafted products. It is a stage where cultures blend and where business becomes a collaboration of creativity and commerce.

As we embark on this journey, we invite you to visit our booth, explore the kaleidoscope of designs, and witness first-hand the dedication that goes into creating each piece.

Kalaghar is not just a brand; it's a celebration of India's artistic brilliance and we are excited to be part of this grand canvas that is the IHGF Delhi Fair.

Join us in embracing the rich tapestry of tradition, sustainability, and vibrant colours – because at Kalaghar, every thread tells a story, and every creation is a piece of art.

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