Top 7 Unique Gifts Under Rs 3000 - KalaGhar

Top 7 Unique Gifts Under Rs 3000 - KalaGhar

Choosing a gift that is both important and affordable can be difficult. Kalaghar sells a variety of unique and environmentally friendly Sabai grass products that make excellent gifts.Sabai grass, which originates in eastern India, is valued for its strength, sustainability, and appearance. 

This blog will feature all things priced below Rs 3000 that are suitable for any gifting occasion.


1. Multipurpose Storage Basket  (3 Set)

Multipurpose storage baskets are useful and eco-friendly. They keep any space tidy and add a natural look to your home. They are strong, long-lasting, and biodegradable. These baskets come in various shapes and sizes, perfect for storing everything from laundry to household essentials.

             Buy: Cylindrical Decorative Patterned Woven Storage Basket

2. Decorative Wall Baskets

Decorative Sabai grass wall baskets are beautifully woven and eco-friendly, adding natural charm to any room. Use them as wall art, holders for small plants, or organizers for keys and letters. They are perfect for making your home look stylish and tidy with a touch of nature.

            Buy: Handcrafted Wall Basket

3. Stylish Grass Planters

Stylish planters are eco-friendly and stylishly crafted. They are best for indoor plants, bringing a natural look to your home. Place them on windowsills, shelves, or in living areas to add greenery and a rustic charm. Perfect for enhancing any space with nature's beauty.

Buy: Wildwood Woven Basket Planter

4. Functional Shelf Book Baskets 

Functional shelf book baskets are ideal for organizing books and stationery. They are strong and beautiful, providing a natural touch to any environment. They can be used on shelves or desks to store books, documents, and office materials, helping to keep your house or office clean and tidy.

            Buy: Handmade Baskets Cylindrical Decorative Patterns


5. Elegant Placemats

Elegant placemats are a stylish match to any dinner table. They come in a variety of styles and keep your table safe from heat and spills. You can use them to add a bit of natural beauty to meals or gatherings, making your dining experience more stylish and useful.


           Buy: Decorative Woven Placemat and Coasters Set 

6. Traditional Roti basket

Roti baskets are ideal for keeping rotis warm and fresh. This piece is made from natural materials and gives your eating table a natural appearance. You can serve rotis, naan, or bread with your meals in it. It will keep your food warm and make your table look stylish and inviting.

            Buy: Handmade Chapati Box With Lid

7. Useful Dry Fruit Storage Boxes

Dry fruit storage boxes are handy containers for keeping your snacks like dry fruits organized and fresh. They not only help tidy up your kitchen but also add a natural beauty to your counter-top or shelves. Ideal for both functionality and enhancing your kitchen's natural look.

Buy: Snacks storage box


A unique mix of beauty, usefulness, and long-lasting can be found in Kalaghar's Sabai grass products. These items, all priced under Rs 3000, make ideal gifts for any occasion, ensuring your gift is both memorable and environmentally beneficial. Each item, from decorative wall art and multipurpose storage boxes to beautiful placemats and useful planters, brings a touch of nature into any home. Choose Kalaghar for thoughtful, sustainable gifting which supports traditional craftspeople and promotes environmentally mindful living.

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