Top 10 handmade decoration ideas for home with Wall baskets

Top 10 handmade decoration ideas for home with Wall baskets

Decorating your house may be an exciting yet difficult task. You want to create an environment that is both stylish and reflects your personality. Wall baskets made of sabai grass are a unique and eco-friendly method to improve your room's décor. These baskets are not only gorgeous but also adaptable, with numerous options for creative customisation. Let's look at 10 different methods to beautify a room with sabai grass wall baskets.

Understanding Sabai Grass Baskets

Sabai grass, also known as Eulaliopsis binata, is a durable and sustainable grass commonly  found in regions of India. Its natural texture and colour add a warm, earthy feel atmosphere to any room. Sabai grass baskets are lightweight yet durable, making them perfect for various decorative uses. Traditionally used for storage and carrying items, modern home decor trends have transformed these baskets into stylish wall art, storage solutions, and statement pieces that elevate the aesthetic of any space. Sabai grass is an eco-friendly option and a renewable resource.

Unique ways to home decor with Sabai Grass Wall Baskets

  • Design a Basket Gallery Wall

  • A basket gallery wall is a fantastic method to highlight the beauty of Sabai grass baskets. Combine baskets of different sizes and patterns to make a visually interesting display. This arrangement enhances the depth of the room and attracts the eye. Incorporate baskets of various colours and textures to increase visual appeal and create a focal point that adds warmth and character to your area.

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  • Functional Storage Solutions

  • Sabai grass baskets are not only attractive but also useful for storage. Use wall baskets at the entrance to hold mail, keys, and other little necessities to maintain organisation and give your area a rustic touch. Wall baskets in the bathroom can be used to store towels, toiletries, and other needs, keeping everything easily accessible and organised.

  • Kitchen Display

  • Sabai grass baskets can also help with kitchen decor. Display fruits and veggies in baskets to keep them fresh and add a natural aspect to your kitchen. Sabai grass baskets can also be used to replace typical wall plates, adding an individual touch to kitchen wall décor and making your cooking space look better.

  • Bedroom Wall Art

  • Using sabai grass wall baskets can add a natural touch to your bedroom. Hang baskets above the headboard to provide a relaxing and beautiful backdrop for your bed. Create a nice reading corner or relaxation space by arranging baskets on the wall and adding comfortable seats, resulting in a calm place within your house.

  • Statement Piece to fit the Living Room

  • A beautiful wall basket arrangement can transform your living room. Hang a large sabai grass basket over the sofa to create a magnificent focal point that compliments your existing furnishings. Alternatively, design an accent wall with many baskets in a symmetrical or asymmetrical pattern to give character and charm to your area.

  • Outdoor space  

  • Sabai grass baskets are ideal for enhancing outdoor environments. Hanging baskets on the terrace or in the garden adds natural appeal and makes the place look more inviting. Enhance your balcony with wall baskets loaded with plants or other decorative things to create a comfortable outdoor sanctuary ideal for relaxing and enjoying nature.

  • Hallway Beauty

  • With the clever placement of sabai grass baskets, a boring hallway can become an elegant corridor. Arrange a horizontal line of baskets to direct the eye and add visual appeal. This simple addition may transform a plain room into a gorgeous walkway, giving your entire home a more cohesive and well-decorated appearance.

  • Seasonal Decoration

  • Use sabai grass baskets to change your décor with the seasons. Decorate baskets with holiday-themed things to add a festive touch to your home. Replace the contents of the baskets with seasonal colours to keep your décor fresh and relevant. This adaptable approach allows you to enjoy the unique appeal of each season.

  • Combining With Other Natural Elements

  • Combine sabai grass baskets with natural components to create a unified look. Baskets can be combined with potted plants or hanging greenery to create a rich, natural setting. To enhance the warm, rustic atmosphere of your room, pair sabai grass baskets with wooden furniture, bringing the outside inside and creating a peaceful, nature-inspired décor.

  • Creative Art Installations

  • Think outside the box and use sabai grass baskets in a larger art display. Combine them with mirrors, frames, or other wall art to make a one-of-a-kind mixed-media creation. This innovative method enables you to create home décor, making it truly unique and showing your artistic style.


    Incorporating sabai grass wall baskets into your home decor adds a touch of elegance, functionality, and sustainability. These baskets, whether used for storage or as presentation pieces, offer a natural touch to any room. Explore our exquisite collection of sabai grass wall baskets, which will change your house with their distinctive beauty and eco-friendliness.

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